• Fear and silence

    In many ways, journalists are only as good as the information we’re provided. Our role in society is to expose the truth, shed light on things unknown and hold the ...
  • Cost of being privileged

    Jennifer White says she is “angry as hell.” We can’t blame her.   She’s stuck at home in isolation until Tuesday with her newborn infant Griffin.
  • Welcome, world

    The World Snowmobile Invasion is here. We welcome all visitors from neighbouring cities, provinces, countries, and even more distant neighbours from across the planet.
  • What defines us

    This region of Alberta is no stranger to prejudice and stereotypes. “Bad apples” exist all over the world, but in a small town, a bad apple sticks out more because ...
  • The system failed

    With the recent news about the killings of the two Canadian Forces soldiers in Canada in the last two weeks, many issues have arisen about what went wrong.
  • As local as is gets

    By now the news is old. Sun Media, our parent company, has had all of its English language print assets purchased by Postmedia (pending approval from the competition bureau of ...
  • Hard Questions

    The job market in Whitecourt is split between two opinions. Workers claim there are no jobs in town, and employers claim there are no workers in town.